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Rosco's Chromakey and Ultimatte paints have been specifically formulated to provide the necessary luminance values and color saturation required for video keying effects. The vinyl acrylic paints can be used on most surfaces and applied by brush, roller, or sprayer. Paint coverage is approximately 300 square feet per gallon of paint onto a primed surface.

Chromakey and Ultimatte are different brands of electronic video "keying" systems. Choose the paint appropriate to your equipment or software and the color appropriate to the subject in front of the color.

DigiComp blue and green colors are specifically formulated for keying effects in film, video, and digital applications. DigiComp color standards are precisely manufactured for clean separation with little or no post production "touch-up" needed. Available as vinyl acrylic paint, gaffers tape, and 59" wide fabric. All exactly the same color.

In addition to these paints, we can provide fabrics, flooring, and custom sewn backdrops in Chromakey and digital blue and green colors.

Colors shown below are simulated. Sample cards showing the actual paint colors, technical specifications, and installation instructions are available on request.

July 2015. Paint prices have increased. Please contact us for current prices.

  Catalog No. Description Size
#05710-0128 Chromakey Blue paint 1 gal
Special Sale on Chromakey Blue paint limited
to stock on hand in our Baltimore, MD warehouse.
1 gal
#05710-0640 Chromakey Blue paint 5 gal
#05711-0128 Chromakey Green paint 1 gal
#05711-0640 Chromakey Green paint 5 gal
#05720-0128 Ultimatte Blue paint 1 gal
#05720-0640 Ultimatte Blue paint 5 gal
#05721-0128 Ultimatte Green paint 1 gal
#05721-0640 Ultimatte Green paint 5 gal
#05722-0128 Ultimatte Super Blue paint 1 gal
#05722-0640 Ultimatte Super Blue paint 5 gal
#05705-0128 DigiComp blue paint 1 gal
#05705-0640 DigiComp blue paint 5 gal
#05707-0128 DigiComp green paint 1gal
#05707-0640 DigiComp green paint 5 gal

ORDERING: orders can be placed by phone, fax, or email. On-line ordering is not available. See below for contact information.

AVAILABILITY: The one gallon size of Chromakey and Ultimatte blue and green paints is normally available from our Baltimore, MD location. DigiComp products, Ultimatte Super Blue, and all 5 gallon sizes are drop-shipped from the factory warehouses in Stamford, CT or California.

SHIPPING: Special cartons with inserts are required to successfully ship gallons of paint by UPS or FedEx. There is a packaging charge of $ 3.00 for each 2 gallon carton and $ 6.00 for each 4 gallon carton. There is no 1 gallon carton. These charges will be added to the shipping cost of your order. Large quantities of paint can be shipped by common carrier truck service on pallets without the use of the special cartons.

The 5 gallon pails of paint are drop shipped from the factory warehouses without using special cartons. They usually survive shipment by UPS, so the factory does not have special cartons.

A drop-ship charge of $ 8.00 applies to each order if it is shipped from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has a warehouse in Connecticut and a warehouse in California.

July 2015. Paint prices have increased. Please contact us for current prices.

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